Many of us are not able to solve our conflicts because we don’t know much about our partner. What he/she likes? What she/he dislikes? What are his/her priorities? When he/she want some space? When he/she need your support? If there would be one thing by which we are able to know about our couple type then what good the life will be. No heated arguments, no mismatches.  Emotional intelligence also plays a vital role in having healthy relationships. An improvement in emotional intelligence leads to a serene relationship full of love and understanding.

New concepts in the form of coaching tools have been introduced in this informational website. This will prepare you for a long and lasting relationship. Based on a questionnaire you will get your specific couple type. There are in total 5 couple types namely: Nest, Castle, Partner, Association, and Side by Side.

These five couple types are defined by a team of sociologists at University of Geneva Switzerland. Based on this extensive research five trends have been extracted. One trend out of which describes your couple type. Once you know your own couple type it will help you in understanding your love life and based on this couple type you can easily manage your conflicts.

So what are you waiting for? Just log in Fill up a free quiz questionnaire and know what kind of couple you are? Based on this couple type take a fresh look at your relationship