We all want to feel valued, loved and appreciated. When we are not we generally withdraw or blame the other person for not meeting our needs. There is a very simple formula. If you want to be appreciated, start appreciating the other people in your life. This formula really works.
We generally see that many couples take each other for granted and don’t give their relationship the attention it needs most of the time. The lack of closeness and connection can cause great loneliness. Make your relationship a priority in your life. Set aside some time everyday to connect with your partner.
One of the biggest mistakes couples make is that they make each other wrong. As soon as some serious words are said, walls go up and suddenly that person who you love and they love you becomes an “enemy.”
Before jumping to blame and judge our partner, we should stop and take a moment to breathe. Understand the full story before making out a conclusion. Generally under the influence of negative thoughts we wrongly presume what is going in some ones heart. And start taking decisions according to it whereas in those cases we should take the time to find out what exactly is cooking and then take decisions with our wisdom.