Can you define a good relationship? Is it possible to find love without relationship or relationship without love? A good relationship is based on affection, trust, self-control and sharing. It is nearly impossible to think of a good relationship without giving and taking. It is generally seen that when one partner is giving more than the other is, the result of that will be failure. When one partner is giving more than the other one then this is also not affection it simply implies that one is taking advantage of the other.
What is the meaning of giving in a relationship? Giving compose love. Love is the ultimate of it all. We all want to love or be loved. Giving includes intimacy, caring, sharing, understanding etc. When two people share they are giving the best of each other, thus the relationship often leads to love.
Giving can be in form of worldly things too. No doubt buying your partner a gift could cost you some money but this cost is nothing in front of love and affection you will be getting as a return from your partner.
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