In an argument no one “wins”. No one will be supposed to be successful if the discussion has not been left with a possible solution. A problem can be solved through the way of communication by mutual compromise. Before bringing up a problem make sure you are ready with the solutions. Every communication may be initiated with the positive things and then moving to the discussion on problem areas. Be a good listener and make sure you understand what your partner has said.
If the discussion is turning too intense and irrational, it is good to postpone the discussion to a time and place where effective communication can take place. Try to end a conversation on a positive note if you can’t come up with the best solution. Listen to your partner’s point and if you disagree react with the reasons in a respectful manner. Focus on the problem you have chosen to discuss. For example if you are discussing financial problems then emotional issues should not come up. Before starting a conversation you should choose the time, place and ambiance where stress and distractions are low.
There are plenty of reasons why people break down and get divorced such as communication gap, lack of emotional intelligence etc. Resocouple has launched an informational website which is dedicated to improve the emotional intelligence of your relationship. Through this website couples will be able to know their exclusive couple type so that they can communicate in advance what their partners are looking for. This will also avoid the conflicts between them.