It is next to impossible to have a relationship without any communication. In a relationship there are difficult times where the invincible time is ruled by conflicts and disagreements. It is always better to yell at each other than to have silent grudges buried inside the heart which takes a violent form in the near future.
If you have thought of reconstructing your love and marriage relationship then the first thing you have to do is to start the communication once again which was blocked due to ego problem or some other cause.
It is mandatory to make an agreement with your partner that whatever circumstances may arise during the relationship you and your partner will never stop talking with each other.
If you or your partner don’t believe in shouting and are silence loving then you can sit down calmly and discuss the issues with no ill will in your heart at all. Try to respect what your partner is saying. This will make your life blossom like a bunch of roses where bitterness has no place.